Phycological Society, India

The Society was formed with the object of promoting interest and studies in various branches of Phycology and to publish a journal. Read More


Name, purpose and activities

  1. The society shall be called Phycological Society, India
  2. The purpose of the society shall be to promote the cause of Phycology all its aspects in India.
  3. The Society shall attempt to achieve this purpose
  4. by publishing a journal and monographs. The journals will be named as `PHYKOS`
  5. by holding general and local meeting with a view to diffuse the phycological knowledge among the public and facilitate exchange of views between the members.
  6. by encouraging  original investigations.
  7. by encouraging efforts to create facilities for phycological work in the country.
  8. Membership shall be open to all persons interested in Botany especially Phycology.
  9. Members will be admitted to the society on receipt of the admission fee and first annual subscription.
  10. Members who have joined prior to 1962 will be deemed as `foundation Members

Previlages to Members

The members will have the following previlages: a. receive a copy of the journal free b. receive other publications of the Society at half price c. hold any office in the Society on being duly elected thereto, provided they are in good standing. Members shall have right to communicate research papers to the meeting and the journal

Withdrawal of membership

  1. A member of the Society may  withdraw from the Society by signifying his / her wish to do so in a letter addressed to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society however shall not be liable to return any fee that may been paid by the member in advance.
  2. A withdrawing members whose subscription is not in arrears shall automatically recover the previlage of the membership without reelection if he/she joins the society within six month of the withdrawal. If not withdrawn already, to revive the membership, subscription arrears will have to be paid.
  3. Membership and annual subscription are under revision.
  4. The financial year of the Society for the purpose of accounting will being from January 1 and end on December 31 of each year.

Subscriptions in arrears

  1. Members whose subscriptions are in arrear shall be excluded from the previlages of membership until they have cleared the dues.
  2. The Secretary-Treasurer shall, at the end of the year, send a letter or bill a request to renew the membership/subscription to all the members and institutions at the last address on records. If the subscription/membership remains unpaid, the Society will remove the name from the records.
  3. Any member whose name has been removed under the proceeding rule, may be readmitted to the society on payment of arrears and admission fee.

The Management

  1. There shall be:
  2. An Executive Council which shall carry on all the functions of the society, except those concerned with the publication and distribution of the journal `Phykos`
  3. The editorial Board shall be responsible for Editing , publishing and distributing the journal `Phykos`.

 The Executive Council

  1. The executive council shall consist of i) President, ii) Vice- President, iii) Secretary-Treasurer, and vi) eight elected members. The Chief Editor shall be the ex-officio member.
  2. The President, Vice-President and Executive members will serve for five years in the first instance and thereafter they will be elected for the three years.
  3. The President (or in his absence Vice-President) will preside at the General Body Meetings of the Society and shall deliver an address at the Annual General Meeting. In the absence of all of them, senior most member of the Executive Council shall preside.
  4. The Secretary- Treasurer shall perform the duties usually developing upon the office

The Editorial Board

  1. The Editorial Board shall consist of:
  2. Chief Editor
  3. Members from different zones of the country
  4. Secretary-Treasurer (ex Officio)

Amendments to the rules

  1. The above the rules may be amended at any General Body Meeting by a three fourth majority of the members present at the meeting. The amendments may be purpose by any  member and should reach the secretary-Treasurer in time for circulation amongst the fellow members and at least one month in advance of the meeting. In the absence of a general body meeting, the amendment may be conducted through postal ballot.

Fellow of the Society

  1. Members who have been effective members at least for three years will be eligible for being elected to the Fellowship of the Society. Fellows elected will be permitted to affix the letters F P S. The number of fellows shall not exceed 10 per cent of the total number of individual members of the society in the year and at no time the total number of fellows shall exceed 50. The Executive committee will elect the initial set of Fellows. In subsequent years, the Secretary-Treasurer shall invite nomination for election of new Fellows will be made by the existing Fellows and ratified by the Executive council.


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Ordinary regular members may become life members upon payment of  Rs.5000 in lump sum

Revised Subscription Rates:

Life Membership         Rs. 5000/- (India); $ 1000/ (overseas)
Annual Membership                
Faculty /Scientist         Rs. 500 (India); $ 100/ (overseas)
Students                       Rs. 250
Institutions:                 Rs. 2000 (India); $ 400 (overseas)
Admission Fee             Rs. 100 (India);  $  10  (overseas)

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