PHYKOS - Official Journal of Phycological Society, India

Current Issue: Vol 42, No 1, 2012


  1. S. K. Sethi, L. K. Samad and S.P. Adhikary. Cyanobacteria and micro-algae in biological crusts on soil and sub-aerial habitats of eastern and north eastern region of India………1 ...PDF
  2. Ilavarasi, A., MubarakAli, D and N. Thajuddin. Production of FAME from freshwater microalgae and profiling of fatty acids for biodiesel feedstock…….10 ...PDF
  3. Venkatesan Ganesan, Boney Kuriakose, Viswanathan Arun and N Anand. Molecular characterization of hetR gene from Cylindrospermum stagnale A1345 isolated from arid soil………15 ...PDF
  4. Hillol Chakdar and Sunil Pabbi. Extraction and purification of Phycoerythrin from Anabaena variabilis (CCC421)……..25 ..PDF
  5. Dinabandhu Sahoo, Geetanjali Elangbam and Salam Sonia Devi. Using algae for carbon dioxide capture and bio-fuel production to combat climate change…….32 ....PDF
  6. Prashant Kumar Singh, Snigdha Rai, Sarita Pandey, Chhavi Agrawal, Alok Kumar Shrivastava, Sudhir Kumar and L.C. Rai. Cadmium and UV-B induced changes in proteome and some biochemical attributes of Anabaena sp. PCC7120…..39 ...PDF
  7. V Sivasubramanian, V V Subramanian, M Muthukumaran and R Murali. Algal technology for effective reduction of total hardness in wastewater and industrial effluents……51 ..PDF
  8. S. Nagaraj, P. Arulmurugan, M. G. Rajaram, R. Sundararaj and R. Rengasamy. Enhanced production of astaxanthin at different physico-chemical parameters in the green alga Haematococcus pluvialis Flotow….59 ..PDF
  9. Prema, P and   N Anand. A  Novel   Diatom –Cyanobacteria Symbiosis…...72 ..PDF