PHYKOS - Official Journal of Phycological Society, India

Current Issue: Vol 43, No 2, September 2013


1. Bhattacharya, S, J.  Rath and S. Ray. Cyanobacteria of soil-crust from forest soils of Birbhum district, West Bengal -  distribution of species in relation to soil parameters.. 1.. PDF

2. Jai Prakash Keshri and Prasanta Mallick. On the occurrence of the genera Pediastrum Meyen & Stauridium (Ehrenberg) E. Hegewald (Sphaeropleales, Chlorophyta) in West Bengal, India with the description of four new taxa... 9.. PDF

3. Harjinder Singh, Amrik Singh Ahluwalia, Jasvirinder Singh Khattar. Induction of sporulation by selected carbon sources in Anabaena naviculoides, a diazotrophic strain capable of colonizing paddy field soil of Punjab (India).. 18.. PDF

4. Sushma Ng. , Sanayaima Devi R.., Debnath, R and J. Rout. Algal symbionts and their contribution to biomass of some foliose lichens of Southern Assam, India.. 26.. PDF

5. Baruah P. P., Baruah. R and J. Thakuria. Chlorophycean diversity of Deepor Beel Wildlife sanctuary..33.. PDF

6. Chalotra,  P ,  Gaind M , and V.K. Anand. Study of occurrence, phenology, morphology and morphological variations exhibited by Chara zeylenica  with respect to the abiotic factors of the habitat water, growing in man-made reservoir in Bagh-e- Bahu, Jammu, J&K... 43.. PDF

7. Sharathchandra K. and  M.  Rajashekhar. Freshwater cyanobacteria from Kaiga, Uttara Kannada district in the Western Ghats of Karnataka...51.. PDF