PHYKOS - Official Journal of Phycological Society, India

Vol 46, No 2, September 2016


1. Prerna Mitra and Pramod Patil. Algal biodiversity in Shivna river, Mandsaur (MP) India 1.. PDF

2. Richa Tandon, Sarika Kesarwani, Arti Mishra, Anupam Dikshit and G.L. Tiwari. Genus Microcystis Kuetzing ex Lemmermann (Chroococcales, Cyanoprokaryota) from India.. 4.. PDF

3. Rajat Chakrabarty and Samit Ray. Chromosomal variations and cytotaxonomical considerations in two populations of Nitella hyalina (Charophyceae, Characeae) from West Bengal, India.. 14.. PDF

4. N. Jeeji Bai, Beena B. Nair and V. Shashirekha. Biology of growth conditions, nutrition and biomass development in Haematococcus pluvialis, Haematococcaceae, Chlorophyceae ..20.. PDF

5. S.K. Das and Devendra Singh. New distributional record of two marine macro-algae from Larsemann hills, East Antarctica...29.. PDF

6. D. Borah, N. Vimala and N. Thajuddin. Biochemical composition and chemotaxonomy of cyanobacteria isolated from Assam, North-East India..33.. PDF

7. Sonali T. Ghuge and S.L. Korekar. Chlorophyceae from Terna Dam in Osmanabad District, Maharashtra, India .. 46. PDF